Taiji Week 3

Weather worked in the dolphin’s favor at the beginning of this week.  Wind and rain kept the boats docked and the dolphins away for a few days.  On Monday, a few of those previously captured bottle-nose dolphins were transferred to various facilities to begin their new, sad lives in a bathtub.  I can’t imagine the stress they must be under.

On Tuesday, in spite of the weather, the killers herded in a pod of pilot whales.  They were netted into the cove and left overnight.  Cramped and scared they spent their final hours.  Wednesday morning, the killers returned and slaughtered 12 of these whales, while releasing 4 .  The four that were released were on their own after having no food and witnessing their families death.  It seems unlikely of their survival.

(Photo by Dolphin Project)

This brings the total count so far this month to 1 juvenile bottlenose dolphin and 30 pilot whales slaughtered so far, but this inhumane process is likely to have caused many more deaths unaccounted for.

Thursday, Friday and Saturday morning the fishing boats thankfully came back empty-handed.

Please continue to contact WAZA to urge them to terminate JAZA and the slaughter immediately.  They could stop the slaughter!

Please join Fins and Fluke’s event to send polite emails to the Mayor of Sendai Japan requesting not to house captive dolphins in new facility.  To join the event, click here.


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