Taiji Week 6 – Oct. 6-12

After 2 days of being held in the cove, scared, cramped and hungry, according to Ceta-Base 15 of the pilot whales were slaughtered while the rest (juveniles and babies) were released on Sunday.

Monday, one of these was seen dead or dying, being dumped out at sea.  Since it was dumped, it did not count against the fisherman’s quota.  There was no further hunting on Monday due to bad weather and cleaning of the butcher house.


Ric O’Barry’s Dolphin Project reported that 2 of the bottlenose dolphins from the drive on September 1 have been transferred to Aomori Aquarium in Japan.  They are 3-4 years old.


The dolphins were spared Tuesday and Wednesday. Bad weather prevented the killers from going out.

Thursday they chased a pod for hours before they got away. I can’t imagine the panic and exhaustion the poor dolphins must have gone through.

The fisherman went out Friday for only an hour before coming back empty-handed with bad weather coming in.

Today, boats remain docked for a festival in Taiji.


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