Taiji Week 8 – Oct. 20-26

Mainly due to heavy winds and rains, it has been a BLUE WEEK in Taiji all week, for a total of 20 consecutive days of no dolphin killing or capture!

Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians report last Sunday, Dolphin Base in Taiji has added another drape to prevent viewing or photographing a lone beluga.  I can’t help but wonder how this beluga and the dolphins in the sea pens have coped with the storm, being slammed against the walls of the tiny enclosures.

Monday was the only day the fisherman were able to go out due to weather and thankfully they came back empty-handed.  I hope all in Japan stay safe during the storm, but I am thankful that the dolphins passing by have remained safe.

Have you seen the Dolphin Project’s new PSA teaser?


Please sign Ric O’Barry’s petition to President Obama to ban all whale and dolphin captures from US waters.  This is SO IMPORTANT!


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