Taiji Week 9 – October 27-November 2

Weather kept boats docked for the first three days of the week while another typhoon passed.

On Wednesday, as we celebrated 24 consecutive days of BLUE, Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians report that Taiji officials replaced and reinforced a metal fence barrier at the shore of the cove.  This fence is intended to block observers views and to keep them from obtaining a closer vantage point.


Wednesday, Thursday, yesterday and this morning the boats returned empty-handed for a record-breaking 27 consecutive days of BLUE!

It has been a good week for the dolphins and small whales of Taiji.

Also in the news this week, Captain Paul Watson touched ground back on United States soil after months of living in international waters.  In a statement, Captain Watson said:

I have returned to the United States. The Interpol Red Notice from Costa Rica has been dropped. I will challenge the Japan notice in the U.S. If required. Heading to Seattle to defend Sea Shepherd and myself from the SLAPP civil suit launched by the Japanese whalers. We carry on with our efforts to save the oceans, undeterred and undaunted.

Welcome Home Captain!


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