Taiji Week 10 – November 3-9

It has been a bad week for Risso’s dolphins in Taiji.  The week started out with more blue but ended up very, very red.

Sunday there was no hunting due to a “whale festival” in Taiji.  Day 28

Monday, the fisherman went out and found a pod, but they gave up before reaching the cove.  Day 29

Tuesday there was tragedy.  The killers found a pod of Risso’s dophins and herded them into the cove.  According to Ric O’Barry’s Dolphin Project, one Risso was chosen for captivity and the rest were brutally slaughtered under the tarps of shame.  It was a heartbreaking day in Taiji.

Wednesday and Thursday, the fisherman went out but returned empty-handed.

Friday the short streak ended.  According to Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians, after a 6 hour fight, 9 Risso’s dolphins were herded into the cove.  Four were chosen for captivity, four were slaughtered and a baby was dumped back at sea surely not to survive.

The trend continued this morning as another pod of Risso’s were herded into the cove.  Every one of them were slaughtered under the guilty, yet heartless killers’ tarps, including a baby.  What a senseless act of cruelty!

Hearts are heavy this week with so many Risso’s dolphins losing their lives.


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