Taiji Weeks 11 and 12

It has been a bloody two weeks in Taiji

November 10, boats remained docked due to bad weather.

Monday, November 11 a pod of bottlenose dolphins were netted and left in the cove.  These dolphins spent the night cramped, hungry and scared before 12 of them were chosen for captivity and the remaining were slaughtered the following morning.

For the next 3 days, the cove remained blue and the dophins had a small reprieve, only to be followed by the worst week yet.

On Saturday, November 16 while TV star Simone Reyes came to Taiji to be a cove guardian, a pod of Risso’s dolphins were herded into the cove.  Simone was there to witness 3 babies dumped back to sea following their mothers and other family members being slaughtered.

Sunday, November 17, choppy seas saved the dolphins in the area as the boats remained docked.

This week started out bad again as a group of pilot whales were herded into the cove and left overnight on Monday.  Tuesday, 14 of them were slaughtered and 13 juveniles were released.  It is very unlikely they will survive.

Pilot whales from Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians 11.19.13



Wednesday was even worse.  Twenty-five Risso’s dolphins were herded into the cove.  Three were chosen for captivity, 18 were slaughtered and 4 babies and juveniles were released without their families.  HORROR!

Risso in sling for captivity from Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians 11.20.13


For the next two days, the cove remained blue.

Yesterday, Ceta-Base shared a map of all captive facilities with known cetaceans from drive fisheries.  There are an astounding 96 facilities in 18 countries.  We will not stop until this ends.  DON’T buy a ticket!

This morning a large pod of manic striped dolphins were herded into the cove.  Reports came in that one was chosen for captivity while the others were quickly and brutally slaughtered.

Hearing of the devastation never gets easier.  We must continue to raise awareness across the world to make true change.

Several Japanese nationalists collaborated to release a new video this week titled The Truth About Dolphin Hunting in Taiji to raise awareness about what happens when tourists aren’t around.  Please share this video to help spread awareness.

Kings of Chaos also performed a show this week in Los Angeles as a benefit for Dolphin Project.  The goal is to have a concert in Japan in the future.


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