Kid Rock at Bands, Brew and BBQ

SeaWorld announced it’s first two acts for Bands, Brew and BBQ in the middle of last week after 9 other acts bailed out of the line-up. Although there wasn’t much time, petitions were launched for both Alan Jackson and Kid Rock to cancel the show.  Unfortunately they both followed through.

Kid Rock’s petition had close to 3,000 signatures by the time he took the stage on Superbowl Sunday, plus numerous phone calls, messages and tweets were sent to him and his management team.

So why did he go through with it?  During the show, Kid stated that he likes SeaWorld because “they pay taxes”.

Apparently he hasn’t read the post from Scott Maxwell in the Orlando Sentinel last April.  Maxwell quotes SeaWorld Orlando CEO Jim Atchinson:

“We won’t be a taxpayer for several years to come,” SeaWorld Orlando CEO Jim Atchison boasted in a recent Sentinel article by reporter Jason Garcia. “That’s a great advantage for us.” 

And goes on to say: thanks to a boatload of tax breaks and deductions, SeaWorld won’t be paying for any of those things through income taxes.

Businesses don’t expand to get tax breaks. They expand to boost profits.

That’s what SeaWorld did. It mounted an aggressive expansion and rebranding — not to stimulate the economy or for any greater societal good — but to boost its bottom line.

And it did so in splendid fashion.

We can all applaud that success. But we can also ask the successful to pay for the public services they consume — instead of shifting the burden to others.

The show is over, but Kid Rock still needs to get the memo.  Education never stops.




2 thoughts on “Kid Rock at Bands, Brew and BBQ

  1. Mr Rock when blood money pays for the furs you wear with total disregard for the lives taken or for those living in captivity no good can come to you or SeaWorld! You have however lost many thousands of supporters with your stupidity.

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