Part 2. My visit to SeaWorld Orlando – I come face to face with trainer Holly Byrd

Educating people about killer whale captivity


My father and I arrive at SeaWorld Orlando a day after we land in Florida. We are tired, jetlagged and overwhelmed by SeaWorld’s appearance: The park is spotless, the trees and grounds are maintained to perfection. I feel intimidated: I am not a journalist and I already feel nervous and out of my depth at attempting to talk to the killer whale trainers.

There is fast ‘happy’ music playing – to get all of the family in the mood of having a great day of seeing animals up close and personal with some great rollercoasters and ‘educational’ shows thrown into the mix. As it is the parks’ 50th anniversary of being in business there is a lot of self promotion evident. The words ‘SeaWorld Cares’ logo is throughout the park on posters and even on trash cans. The propaganda is amazing.

As we enter the park there are beautiful flamingos…

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