Taiji Week 2

Following the devastation on September 7 of having the first juvenile dolphin of the season slaughtered, everyone was relieved that the beginning of week two started with a “blue cove day”.  The fisherman came back empty-handed on September 8 and again on the 9th and 10th.

The three days in a row were just the “calm before the storm” in Taiji, however. On September 11, as the US remembers 9/11/01, the Taiji fisherman corral a pod of 15-30 pilot whales into the cove.  Left scared, confused and crowded they remain overnight awaiting their fate.

September 12, the fisherman slowly and brutally slaughtered 18 pilot whales as the others huddled together in a corner.  The scene is heartbreaking!  The juveniles of the pod were then released, but their chances of survival without their mother are slim to none.

September 13 in Taiji, although the fisherman came in empty-handed there were reports of 1 or 2 dolphins being “dumped” out at sea.  It wasn’t clear if the dolphin(S) was alive or dead, but it was clearly not a good situation.  This dolphin was one previously captured for captivity.

Today, September 14 in Taiji, is another BLUE DAY.

Again, I have to quote the WAZA agreement with JAZA.  Per the agreement:

WAZA has worked with JAZA and the Port of Nagoya Aquarium, to establish a 
new, transitional approach to the capture of dolphins as part of a tradition of 
Japanese inshore fishery. At this time it has been officially confirmed that during 
September dolphins will be collected for aquaria, the only species taken will be 
the Bottlenose dolphin, and the method employed will be ‘herding’. No dolphins will be taken for human consumption during September, and all surplus animals will be released.

Please continue to contact WAZA to urge them to terminate JAZA and the slaughter immediately.  They could stop the slaughter!

A map on Google Maps shows the 51 aquariums in Japan that house cetaceans. Of the 51 facilities, 48 of them have animals captured from drive fisheries.  The other 3 house beluga whales.

Currently there is a new facility being constructed in Sendai, Japan.  Fins and Fluke is heading up an event to request that everyone send emails to the Mayor politely requesting that the facility NOT house dolphins.  To join the event, click here.


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